Smoking IS Cool

February 19, 2008

Earlier this month a friend of mine and I were having a conversation and some how the topic of smoking arose. We talked about why we thought people smoked and what we had learned/been taught about it. After really thinking about it I came to realize that contrary to what we learn from our parents or what we learn in school. Smoking IS cool. I’m sure everyone here has heard “Smoking Isn’t Cool” but after really thinking about it more and more, smoking IS cool. Personally I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life. Mainly because I don’t want to, but after also thinking about it, I really wouldn’t look “cool” doing it or I’m not “cool” enough to. I’m a skinny, white, middle class, college kid, who is a computer science major, that’s just not cool, and I accept that. After really analyzing this I think that there are certain people who do look cool smoking. And ofcourse people who DON’T look cool smoking. I think smoking in our culture really holds a symbol of power. I can relate this back to myself because even though I’ve never smoked a cigarette, I have smoked my fair share of cigars. Why? because it was enjoyable the first time? because it wasn’t, but I did it again. Because of peer pressure? well possibly. Because it emulated a sense of power? I’d have to agree. Now you’re probably reading this and saying “well that doesn’t make any sense, you’ll smoke a cigar but not a cigarette?” but I also think that along with a sign of power cigarette also add a “bad ass” edge to them. And with some people, this just works….and with others, it really doesn’t.

Lets look at some examples I dug up off of the intertron…

Ron White Smoking

Ron White, one of my favorite comedians. Just look at this guy, cigar in one hand, drink in the other hand I’m sure, this guy is cool and powerful, hands down. Anyone who tries to tell me that he doesn’t look cool is dead wrong. Watch his stand up sometime, he just gives that edgy, cool vibe which are the exact ingredients that make smoking cool.

Olsen Smoking

Mary-Kate Olsen, God just look at this girl. Who would have thought this Full House girl would turn out to be such a bad ass. She is obviously filthy rich from the empire her sister and her have put together over the years. I’m sure shes doped up in this picture, but who really cares. This again is another perfect example of someone who looks cool smoking, they just fit that criteria.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell, I really don’t know much about this guy, but when I thought of cool people who smoke, he came to my head.

Monroe Smoking

Marilyn Monroe, this is probably my favorite picture out of them all. I can honestly say that this is beautiful. She just screams bad ass. Think about it, 1st Playboy Playmate, Actress, Singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” and the whole Kennedy thing. This is the perfect formula for what I’m talking about. This IS cool.

Those were people I found who I thought look cool smoking, ofcourse there are plenty of people who don’t. Yes, I’m talking about you highschool preppy girls who chain smoke because they think it makes them look order or cool. Honestly you look SO dumb. Again, there are people who look cool smoking, and people who don’t. Lets take a look below.


Lindsay Lohan, Oh Lindsay…yes you’re an addict to every drug possible, yes you may not be the best actress, yes you were an amputee in “I Know Who Killed Me” and you still fucked like it was your job, yes I still think you’re hot anyway, but I’m sorry your not a bad ass, you’re not edgy, you don’t look cool smoking. I’m sorry…

Britney Spears

Britney Spears, You were hot in that school girl outfit many years ago, now you’re older, fatter, have kids, and I think you may have gone crazy and shaved all you hair off? Sorry you fail. But K-Fed, definite bad ass for hitching you and he looks cool smoking.

Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball (Lucy), The reason I grabbed this picture was to show that not all 2000’s druged up celeb girls look bad smoking. Here is a perfect example of an American star that just doesn’t look cool smoking. Granted in that era everyone smoked, but everyone didn’t look cool.

When trying to find males who looked bad smoking I found it very difficult. I think this is because in our society males are looked at as powerful so they already have that first trait in the bag. Now having that one trait alone doesn’t instantly make you a “cool looking smoker” because if I saw Bill Gates light up a cig, I’d laugh….

So who do you think looks cool smoking? Who do you think looks bad smoking?



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  2. Slash is the perfect example of this.
    He is the epitome of cool smokers.
    Nobody looks more bad-ass than Slash with his guitar and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.
    Dean Martin and all those Rat Pack guys smoke and they look totally bad-ass, as well.

  3. Smoking is not cool, moron. Yes some people may look cooler than others doing it, I’m not denying that.

    In the end, anyone who smokes is total dumbass. And you sound so insecure btw, it’s pretty pathetic.

    Then again anyone who seriously thinks smoking is cool must have low self esteem.

    What’s really sad is that I’m about 5 years younger than you, and I have more common sense.

  4. I am 19. I grew up in the strong belief that smoking was bad. I mean, from the time you can speak to the end of high school, anti-smoking propaganda fills the halls of all American schools. I have tried smoking, at least 5 packs in total; I am not a big fan, so I quit. After all, it is just something one buys, its not some mystical dark force; although that seems to be what schools are teaching us, eh?

    To say that anyone who smokes is “total dumbass” (btw, you should probably spell/grammar check your insults before calling someone -a- total dumbass) is just ignorance. The fact is that cigarettes are just a product that, like any other, is marketed as well as possible to get people to buy them. If you even opened your eyes in health class you’d see that ALL anti-smoking campaigns are lead by the cigarette companies themselves; as no product is more appealing than that which is taboo. But I digress. You seem to have some self-esteem issues yourself If you need to come on someone’s blog and insult someone over something you buy at a store…..Maybe you need to grow up and learn that there’s more to life than hating and insulting anyone who doesn’t share you views.

    My advice, grow up. Have a smoke. See what all the fuss is about. You can’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

  5. it may never be smart, or healthy, but your really can’t deny that dam, it’s cool.

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